Modern Era-style Kutani Ware Set of 5 plates 13cm Handmade in Japan
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Modern Era-style Kutani Ware Set of 5 plates 13cm Handmade in Japan

通常価格 ¥13,000 ¥0 単価 あたり
This is a popular set of small dishes with "sometsuke" patterns.
Offered as a set of five, they are the timeless classics made by a famous Kutani Ware kiln in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan. They feature traditional patterns such as "Jidai-e" (scenes from different eras) - including designs from the old Kutani, Yoshidayaki, Kimime, Eiraku, Iidaya, and Shosan.
Kutani Ware is known for its splendid and elegant colors, featuring gorgeous and elaborate color decorations. It is popular both domestically and internationally as a traditional Japanese craft, and is widely used from daily life to gifting. This set of plates, featuring auspicious designs, is perfect for serving sweets and will be well-received as a gift for celebratory occasions.
■Size: Diameter 13 × Height 2.1cm
■Weight: 620g
■Place of Origin: Japan
■Material: Porcelain, Kutaniyaki
■ Dishwasher Safe: Yes (though handwashing is recommended to prevent deterioration of the painted design)
■ Microwave:
* Shosan and Iidaya have gold decoration, so they cannot be used in the microwave.
* Yoshidayaki, old Kutani, and Kimime can be used in the microwave.
■ Oven: Not suitable for use
■ Comes with a dedicated decorative box
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