Sobachoco Cup - Dog
Sobachoco Cup - Dog
Sobachoco Cup - Dog
Sobachoco Cup - Dog

Sobachoco Cup - Dog

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Size: Diameter 8.0 x Height 6.1 cm

Capacity: 170 ml

Material Porcelain

Producing Area: Hasami Town, Nagasaki Prefecture

Imari porcelain of the Edo period featured particularly delicate and gorgeous paintings that fascinated the West and would later leave a lasting impact on the production of ceramics in Europe. Among Edo-period Imari porcelain, Enpo-era pieces are thought to be the most elegant. Based on its delicate shades and styles, Iro-e combines traditional designs with household pets.

We have given the traditional, auspicious kachomon flower-and-bird pattern a twist by perching a brightly-colored macaw on the branch of a plum tree.

The deer and maple shika-momiji motif has long been a harbinger of autumn across many Japanese crafts. The deer, often portrayed mid-leap, is replaced with a playful, prancing pug.

The piercing gaze of an exotic shorthair replaces the tiger as a symbol of good luck inside this tree and flower motif. Rest assured that this cat will keep an eye on your home.

The traditional gyomo-mon pattern of fish and seaweed is replaced with axolotls, or Mexican salamanders, whose popularity soared in 1980s’ Japan. Do not put overglaze products in the dishwasher.

The traditional motif of a squirrel on a grapevine symbolizes fertility and longevity and has long been considered a good luck charm in Japan. Here, we’ve taken the squirrel, once a symbol of fertility due to its resemblance to the rat, and swapped it for a cute four-toed hedgehog.